Famous Brandable Domain Names you may not have even thought of

When it comes to launching a business, the importance of brandable domain names cannot be overstated. A domain name serves as your virtual address and is often the first impression potential customers get of your brand. Over the years, many iconic companies have cleverly leveraged their domain names to not only epitomize their brand but also make it unforgettable. While Google.com and Amazon.com might immediately come to mind, there are numerous lesser-known but brilliant examples that demonstrate the power of a brandable domain name.

Google is perhaps the most famous brandable domain name


Let’s start with the obvious. Google, originally known as “Backrub,” renamed itself to echo the mathematical term “googol,” signifying a number followed by a hundred zeros. This name change wasn’t just whimsical; it represented the company’s aim to organize the vast amount of information online. Google.com is memorable, easy to spell, and a prime example of a domain name that became synonymous with its service. Today, “to Google” is a verb recognized worldwide.

Zillow is a great example of a brandable domain name


The name Zillow combines “zillions” with “pillow,” suggesting a comfortable place where you can find a zillion homes. The domain Zillow.com is not just a catchy name; it is also easy to remember, ensuring that people think of it first when considering online real estate.

Though not a .com, Zoom US is a good brandable domain name example.


In an era where virtual meetings have become the norm, Zoom.us not only provides a service but also boasts a domain name that mimics the very action it enables—zooming people together. The “.us” domain extension, though not as globally generic as “.com,” works exceptionally well, positioning the platform as user-centric and inclusive.

Shopify.com ingeniously combines 'shop' and 'modify. A great brandable domain.


As a platform for setting up online stores, Shopify.com ingeniously combines ‘shop’ and ‘modify,’ encouraging users to create personalized retail experiences. Its domain name is simple, catchy, and directly tied to its core service.

GoDaddy.com, is a great brandable domain name which appeals to the masses


Initially, the founders wanted to call it “BigDaddy,” but that domain was taken. So, they pivoted to GoDaddy.com, which not only appealed to the masses but also captured the essence of what the service does: it helps you ‘go’ and get your ‘daddy’ of all domain names.

The company Slack was reputedly named after this brandable domain

Branding by Domain

Interestingly, there are cases where companies even named themselves after a brandable domain they stumbled upon. A popular legend in the tech world is that the messaging service Slack got its name from the available domain, Slack.com. Originally an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge,” Slack became far more appealing and memorable with its shorter form. The domain name played a huge role in making this brand a household name in the corporate world.

The brandable domain name Spotify.com


Another intriguing tale is that of Spotify. The founders were considering several different names when they discovered that the domain Spotify.com was available. They grabbed it, recognizing its brandable potential. Today, Spotify is virtually synonymous with online music streaming.

Airbnb is another example of a brandable domain name


Airbnb.com is another ingenious example that initially started as AirBedAndBreakfast.com. The shortened form not only made it easier to remember but also allowed for brand expansion beyond bed and breakfast accommodations.

Chewy.com is another famous brandable domain


Initially an online hub for pet owners, the brand could have chosen something more explicit to convey its service. However, Chewy.com opted for something simple and endearing, representing the company’s friendly and approachable ethos.

The importance of brandable domain names

Brandable domain names are more than just an address; they are an integral part of a company’s identity. Whether it’s the giant like Google or a startup, choosing the right domain name can spell the difference between becoming a household name or remaining in obscurity. The right domain name captures the essence of a business, is easy to remember, and even lends itself to the overall brand storytelling, shaping the way that the world will come to know and remember it.

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