Content Creation Strategies

Compelling content is essential for any website to attract visitors and so you must have a content creation strategy before you can make money from your new website:
Here are three different strategies:

Create original content

This can include writing blog posts, creating videos, and producing other types of content that is unique to your website.

User-generated content

 Encourage your visitors to submit content, such as reviews, testimonials, and photos, that you can feature on your site.

Curate content from other sources

This can include finding interesting articles, videos, and other types of content from other websites and sharing them on your own site.

What is Compelling Content?

Compelling content is content that is able to capture the attention of the audience and hold their interest. It is content that is interesting, informative, and relevant to the audience. Compelling content can be in various forms such as text, images, videos, infographics and more. It can be educational, entertaining, or both. Compelling content is typically well-written, well-researched and easy to understand. It is also visually appealing and easy to consume. Compelling content is not only informative but also provides value to the audience. It can be used to entertain, educate or persuade the audience. It is important for any website, as it helps to attract and retain visitors, increase engagement and ultimately drive more conversions.

Content Creation Strategies

Creating original content

Creating original content can be a bit of a challenge, but there are several ways to come up with ideas for content:

  1. Research your audience: Understand their needs, pain points and interests. Use this information to come up with topics that will be relevant and interesting to them.
  2. Use keyword research: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find out what people are searching for in your niche, and come up with content ideas that will match those search terms.
  3. Monitor industry news and trends: Keep up with what’s happening in your industry and create content that provides commentary, analysis or a unique perspective on current events.
    Answer questions: Look at the frequently asked questions in your industry and create content that answers them.
  4. Use data and statistics: Collect data, conduct research and create content that uses this data to provide valuable insights.
  5. Use storytelling: Share personal experiences, case studies or examples to make your content more engaging and relatable.
Create original content

Once you have a topic, you can start creating your content. Make sure to do thorough research, use visuals and make it easily readable. It’s also a good idea to proofread and edit your content before publishing.

Creating original content can take time and effort, but it is worth it in terms of building a strong brand and engaging your audience.

Content Creation Strategies

Curate content from other sources

Content curation is the process of finding, selecting, and sharing relevant and high-quality content from other sources on your website. Here are a few ways to curate content:

  1. Use RSS feeds: Subscribe to RSS feeds of websites and blogs that produce relevant content in your niche, and use a feed reader to keep track of new content.
  2. Use social media: Follow influencers and brands on social media, and share interesting content that they post.
  3. Use curation tools: There are many content curation tools available that can help you find, organize, and share content. Some popular options include Buzzsumo, Feedly, and
  4. Create a content calendar: Plan ahead and schedule when you will curate content and share it on your website.
    Always give credit to the original source: When sharing curated content, make sure to properly attribute it to the original source and include a link back to the original content.
  5. Organize and categorize the curated content: Once you have curated the content, organize it into categories that are relevant to your audience and make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.
Curated content

Curation is not just about sharing content but also providing context, commentary and your own opinion on the shared content. It can be a great way to supplement your original content and add value to your website, without the large amount of time and effort needed to create original content.

It is worth considering a mix of all three types of content — original content; curated content; and user-generated content,, to really achieve a source of compelling content for your visitor.




Content Creation Strategies

User-generated content

Sourcing user-generated content (UGC) can be a great way to add authenticity and engagement to your website. Here are a few ways to source UGC:

  1. Encourage submissions: Create a call-to-action on your website or social media platforms that encourages users to submit content.
  2. Hold contests and giveaways: Host a contest or giveaway on your website or social media platforms, and encourage users to submit content as part of the entry requirements.
  3. Use social media hashtags: Encourage users to share their content on social media using a specific hashtag, and then repost or share the best submissions on your website.
  4. Use customer reviews and testimonials: Encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your website, and then feature the best ones on your site.
  5. Encourage user-generated videos: Encourage users to submit videos that showcase their experiences or opinions.
  6. Use forms and surveys: Create a form or survey that you can use to gather user-generated content.
User-generated content


Before publishing the user-generated content, make sure to review and approve the content for quality, accuracy and relevance. Also, make sure to get permission from the creators and give them credit for their work.

User-generated content can be a great way to build a sense of community around your brand, and also helps to increase engagement and trust with your audience.