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Why is this domain name so powerful?


Short descriptive domain names perform much better than longer ones. Solutions.Organic contains two powerful keywords which form the basis of a wide range of  popular search terms. Each with hundreds of searches a month.


Having the root keywords in your domain allows you to create pages that rank in results for a number of niche search terms. While searches for ‘organic solutions’ could be about anything, you might have a section for example on: solutions.organic/worm-castings – as organic solutions worm castings, gets around 500 searches each month. Another section could be solutions.organic/soil/ as organic soil solutions gets over 100 searches each month.


The domain name plays an important part in Google’s algorithm mix and gives you a head-start with your SEO. People are looking for organic solutions to all kinds of challenges today and there are plenty of opportunities for high quality comparison or expert advice marketing sites that guide people to the best products and services, while making an affiliate commission.

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Are .com domains better than the niche extensions?

There is ongoing debate on the value of a .com domain compared to the newer niche extensions. Purists still swear by the .com extension and believe that nothing will ever be as valuable or as effective as a .com.

However there is no tangible evidence that Google ranks a .com better than a comparable .xyz or .global extension.

One thing we do know is that excessively long domains, as well as being difficult to remember, could be penalized by Google.

With so many websites on the internet, it can be extremenly difficult to find the ideal keywords in a .com domain, whereas they might be readily available using a nich extension. 

And after all, niche extensions are cool. They are modern and will soon be as mainstream as the old .com domains. 

So, if your ideal keywords aren’t available in a .com, try a new niche extension.

If you want to get into the organic space, this domain is for you

People are looking for organic solutions, for growing crops, for food, for medicine, for drinks, to protect our planet. Organic solutions remove toxic fertilizers and other poisons that are harming our environment.

There is room for more players in the organic space, providing expert advice for people who want to move to organic solutions and guiding them to the best products, while earning a commission on products or services that they recommend.

Here are some examples:

  • organic solutions worm castings – 495/month
  • organic soil solutions – 163/month
  • michigan organic solutions – 100/month
  • organic solutions whittier – 102/month
  • organic solution fallout 76- 252/month
  • organic solutions – 320/month

(search numbers from Moz)

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